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Custom front spoiler designed and fabricated exclusively by Rob Catania.


Some history about the spoiler.,

When I bought my very first coupe back in1983 (still own it today) the car lacked something; a front spoiler. Most Coupes around at this time, assuming they had any spoiler at all, usually sported something adapted from Datsun 510s or VW Sciroccos or worse, really bad homemade items. They looked awful. That said, I realized that a homemade job did not necessarily have to equate to a bad one. So I decided to fabricate my own front spoiler. My principle design criteria was that the spoiler was to be functional, that it should fit perfectly, mount easily and above all, be aesthetically balanced and pleasing. It was a hell of a lot of work molding the contours with sheet metal, plastic filler and fiberglass. But in the end it turned out to be a masterpiece. All the edges were clean and the fit was precise. The spoiler's profile presented a natural and uninterrupted progression of the curvature integrating nicely into the lower front wheel arch. Not only did the car look classier, but its handling characteristics changed now as well. The car was much more stable at high speed and the bit of lip on the spoiler provided sufficient load on the front end to enhance the grip in turns as well. Before taking the car off the road to be restored in 1987, I made a mold (copy of the spoiler) in fiberglass right on the car.


the NEW product





Cost: $450 USD + shipping

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The spoiler is produced with a smooth grey gel coat surface. Once removed from the mold the top surface (the gel coat) is then prepped with fine sand paper to remove all imperfections. Then a coat of grey acrylic primer is applied (as you see pictures). Also the spoiler comes already pre- drilled in the precise spots were you apply it the car with pop rivets (no sheet metal screws!).


Some pictures of the few coupe owners world wide that have chosen my spoiler to be mounted on their race cars.






some street machines