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                                                                           Christian Giusti 1975 CC!

FIAT Coupe History: So when I found this FIAT in Santa Monica, the interior was cracked and baked like a canoli shell but the engine was strong and ran clean with only 87k original miles!
The brakes were all frozen so when I test-drove it around a parking lot of a Jack-In The Box, it would barley stop and I had to push it hard to get it to go.  I must have stalled it about 4 times then decided I had enough and that I would take it anyway... The guy selling it asked me if I wanted a different battery and I said nah.. Ill be fine.  Five minutes later we were pushing it down Venice Blvd. into a gas station and then to the Auto Zone for a battery. Along the 10 to the 110 freeway, luckily there was a lot of stop and go traffic because there was smoke coming out of the wheels from the seized calipers.  I parked it at my friend's house/Alfa Romeo salvage yard in Inglewood California and started taking everything apart and stripping it down.  I did that all summer and had to travel an hour on the train from North Hollywood to get there to work on it every time... luckily the film biz was slow for me..It had some surface rust around the window so I decided it needed a full restoration... after about 4 years, 6 different apartments in LA, countless different jobs, about 8 other cars while I was undergoing this project, and finally a relocation to Austin, Texas... here it is, still needs some interior things put back and some wiring troubleshooting, but I can drive it and it looks and sounds great!  Too bad I don't have a garage for it because it really is a beautiful sight.  I make sure it is always in the shade and put it under a cover whenever needed. 



"Frame-On" Restoration Owned in Southern California and Austin, Texas 2007-2011

EXTRA THICK Custom Fiberglass Fenders, Front Spoiler, Side Skirts, deleted side markers.


WHEELS: New Bearings and Seals, greased hubs. 15" PANASPORT TYPE WHEELS WITH 3" LIP, FITTED WITH BILLET

BRAKES: "Whoa" Wildwood Front Calipers. FIAT rebuilt rear calipers. Slotted and Drilled Zinc-Plated Rotors,  Steel braided cables, and some brake lines were replaced as well.
Suspension: NEW KYB SPORT Shocks all around. Springs painted, sway bar bushings replaced.

Engine: Rebuilt Single Weber Carb 32/36, All NEW HOSES ALL AROUND, New Motor and Tranny Mounts, New Plugs and Wires, New Hoses and Thermostat, New Billit Aluminum Coolant Overflow, Boiled Radiator, Cleaned inside and out and Pained Oil Pan.
Transmission: Mount Replaced, Boots replaced, lubed (WITH CORRECT FLUID) and cleaned along with differential lubed and cleaned as well. 
Interior, Exterior, and Other: Stripped out, sanded masked and painted, then painted again. Fiberglass Dash Board and Center Console painted 3 -stage to match exterior.  Micro-suade Recaro racing seats. Re-upholstered rear seat.  Carpet was steam cleaned and shampooed and dyed.  Gauges al cleaned and polished, wiring was updated and cleaned, Sony 6x9 Speakers in rear Deck and Infinity 3" Speakers back there too.  Gas tank also cleaned out and painted. All hoses and fuel pump replaced. All chrome and stainless trim was cleaned and polished.  New keys for trunk and doors. Rear trunk latch actuator.. to be hooked up to a trunk release button. Hood opens and stabilized with a lifter support!  Also HID Xenon black and chrome projector front headlight kit. New Side Mirrors.

Italian Made, and Italian-American Re-made!

Christian Giusti- Austin, Texas